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Professional stage equipment
Professional stage equipment

Electrical Chain Hoists PAE-1000DC-0025 1000kg chain length 25 m

ProLyft Aetos hoists are designed to meet the increasingly exacting demands of the entertainment market. These fool proof hoists are designed to withstand rigorous transportation and rough handling and can be serviced just about everywhere. The standard integrated limit switches and jam free chain guide are a big plus.

Optimised Chain Feeding:
• Specially designed disentangle plate for optimal and jam-free chain feeding
• 90% reduction of locking chains
• Jam-free steel chain guide
• Disentangle plate insert softer than the chain
• Chain bag bracket with integrated dead end of chain attachment

Limit switches on all hoists:
• Both “direct control” and “low voltage control” hoists are equipped with limit switches as standard
• The limit switches are activated by a foam chain stop
• Prevents hoists from being overloaded when running against the stop
• Adding or positioning a foam chain stop to set a limit takes less then a minute

Lifting speed: 4m/min
Operating voltage: 230/400V - 50Hz, 208/460V - 60Hz
Protection Class: IP 55
Motorpower at 50Hz: 0,66 kW
Current consumption at full load: 1,46 Amp @ 400V 2,53 Amp @ 230V
FEM Class: 1Am
FEM Duty factor: 50%
Starts per hour: 300
Noise Level: 60 dBA
Load Wheel: 5 pocket
Load Chain EN 818-7: 7,1 x 20,5mm
Falls of chain: 1
Weight of Chain: 1,1 kg
Weight of Body: 47 kg
Type of Control: DC and LVC
Limit switches: single up/low limitswitches on DC and LVC
Type of Power Connector: CEE 16A-4p (red)
Type of LVC Connector: CEE 10A-4p (yellow)
Low Voltage Control Voltage: 24V