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Professional stage equipment
Professional stage equipment


The MPT Roof is a tower-based structure with a pitched roof, a design which guarantees optimum strength. Primarily configured from standard trusses, the MPT Roof is available in four different sizes. However, the unrivalled flexibility of the system affords nearly 40 calculated building varieties or setup possibilities for your MPT Roof. At ProlyteSystems, we are aware that every season and every event brings different demands, and accordingly we have designed the MPT Roof to accommodate an extraordinary range of applications.

Tower - MPT masts system H30V truss
Grid - H30D truss H40V truss

• Tension gear and steel wires
• Structural report l


Towers 4 x MPT-tower, mast sections of H30V truss
Main grid H30D and H40V truss


Canopy - side, back and top
Canopy colour - standard: outside grey, inside black (other colours possible)
Soundwings - yes / loading 1000 kg each
Ballast - several possibilities on request depending on construction and wind speed
Staging - Prolyte stage elements, EasyFrame B or Probeam combined with a scaffolding stage
Cantilever - yes
ProLyft hoist - (12x10 MPT roof without sound-wings) and accessories 4x PAE-1000DC-0020 4x PAE-A-FC1000 1x PLA-33-20 2x PLA-30-10 1x PAE-C4DC-10 1x PLA-41-001 4x PAE-A-50-010 2x PLA-30-20 1x PLA-34-02
ProLyft hoist - (12x10 MPT roof with sound-wings) and accessories 6x PAE-1000DC-0020 6x PAE-A-FC1000 2x PLA-33-20 2x PLA-30-10 1x PAE-C8DC-10 1x PLA-41-001 4x PAE-A-50-010 2x PLA-30-20 2x PLA-34-02
Comprehensive building manual - yes


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