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Professional stage equipment
Professional stage equipment


LiteDeck is designed around a universal leg system constructed from standard 48 mm x 4 mm round section aluminium tubes. All LiteDeck legs are constructed from high grade 6082T6 tubes, and are supplied cut to length, with a rubber end cap to prevent damage to delicate floor surfaces.
The beauty of the LiteDeck range lies in the simplicity of a leg system which allows a remarkably wide range of heights to be created quickly, easily and safely. For stage heights of up to 950 mm, the system uses simple scaffold tube legs (see the right section below); above this height, the LegFrame system provides additional rigidity through reinforcement by two clamp-on braces (see the left section below). The heights of the system are derived from building standard regulations: all step units fit directly on to standard stage heights and are fully compliant with legislative requirements for typical performance and exhibition venues.