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Professional stage equipment
Professional stage equipment


Separate stair units can be combined to create a stair of any desired height in steps of 20 cm by simply bolting stairs together. The units can be connected at both sides, which makes it possible to create a staircase of different widths as well as several heights.
The railing can be connected to the sides of the stairs, but also in between the steps, thereby creating the possibility to have a separate up and down staircase.
The measurements of the individual stair units are 910 × 225 mm. Each stair unit has an angular profile to one side, making it possible to fit the stairs directly to the decks to create an even level for the last stair. The stair unit can be mounted using the T-bolts.
The SM-STAIR-CON-01 special clamp is available to mount stair units to the legs.