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Professional stage equipment
Professional stage equipment


  • Stage and deck (38)
  • Podiums (20)
  • Legs (2)
  • Stairs (3)
  • Railing (3)
  • Accessories (10)
  • Staging systems are the perfect accompaniment to truss systems and roof structures. Prolyte has developed a range of complementary products that provide you with one-stop-shop solutions. Ranging from stage systems to crowd control systems Prolyte offers extended solutions for in- and outdoor events. Over the years, StageDex has developed into an independent product range, incorporating both LiteDeck and StageDex staging systems, crowd control systems and associated accessories including ProBeam, ramps, step units and handrails. Whether you have a dance performance, need multilevel staging, require a walkway or need integrated crowd control solutions, these flexible systems adapt easily to all demands.
  • Towers (4)
  • ProlyteStructures tower systems consist of four types of rigging towers and the MPT, ST and CT ground support systems. All tower systems are based on standard ProlyteStructures truss. Extending your inventory to encompass more complex systems (like towers or roofs) is a cost-efficient process, proceeding as a step-by-step investment. You only need to buy the additional parts, such as base or top sections. This approach offers extraordinary flexibility and ffacilitates optimum use of your existing trusses. The rigging towers are designed as stand-alone towers to support PA clusters or audience lighting. Rigging towers are available in types ranging from 800 to 2300 kg in terms of allowable load, and from 7,60 m to 16 m in terms of lifting
    height. Rigging towers can be built on any even surface and are specially designed for outdoor use.
  • Roofs (9)
  • ProlyteSystems offer innovative, solidly engineered solutions for constructing complex structures or roof systems for any event. Whether your event is an intimate social gathering or a massive outdoor concert, your stage design should be robust, stylish, and ready to work in any type of environment; regardless of the size or demands of your application, Prolyte offers what you need. With Prolyte you are asserted of a long-term solution next to a cost-efficient investment. ProlyteSystems offers tower and roof structures in various sizes and shapes. Additionally, custom constructions can be requested. All Prolyte structures are designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest standards in the industry. Setting high standards in stage design, ProlyteSystems are renowned for their easy set-up, short building times, compact transport size and high priority to safety. Where safety for performers and audiences is paramount, ProlyteSystems are a natural choice.
  • Hoists (29)
  • Cables (7)
  • Electrical Chain Hoists (9)
  • Hoist Control (5)
  • Manual Chain Hoists (8)
  • Lifting, drive and control solutions from ProLyft make productions happen, on stage, on tour, in theatres or sports arenas. They ensure safe object or performer movements and protect performers in their daily work. Whether up, down, left or right, the direction, speed or load of the movement is only limited by your imagination. ProLyft is able to cover a broad spectrum of lifting, drive and control solutions within the entertainment market due to employees with an open ear for customer demands and the ability to translate ideas into standard or customized solutions.
  • Lite Console (7)
  • Looking for the perfect brand enhancing mobile DJ booth? LiteConsole has become the industry name in performance platforms. When DJ legend Paul Oakenfold commissioned Nick McGeachin to develop a DJ booth to reinforce his stage presence on Madonna's global 'Sticky & Sweet' tour, the challenge gave birth to the perfect solution for profile enhancement: LiteConsole. This lightweight, innovative, modular, easy-to-assemble system is now available in a commercially practical format. Described by DJ Mag as the "all singing, all dancing behemoth of portable, quick install DJ booths", LiteConsole also impresses as a stand for corporate presentations, trade shows and retail environments.
    The LiteConsole mobile DJ booth is a sleek portable DJ stand, with it's new design making the system even easier to assemble. LiteConsole is a high-impact visual soluton for any mobile DJ or club DJ setup. It can also be used for AV presentations, exhibitions and conferences with it's eye-catching design.

Company STAGEMARKET supplies professional stage equipment, and safety equipment for events.
We are distributors of the leading European manufacturers, which allows us to supply the most reliable time-honored stage equipment on the Russian market.
Now there is no need to buy stages and roofsystems in parts in different places. Here you will find any stage that meets your needs with all the necessary accessories for a more than affordable price.
Availability of replenished warehouse in Moscow allows us to quickly meet the needs of our customers. No need to wait a month until the equipment comes from Europe. All major positions available during the day in our warehouse.
In addition, we provide a full range of engineering, design and installation of stage equipment anywhere in the Russian Federation.
All equipment has the necessary certificates and documentation.
We're also propose warranty and post-warranty service.