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Professional stage equipment
Professional stage equipment


The Arc Roof is a fixed construction, based on three inward-curving trusses that are mounted to side masts. A hinged connection at the outer ends simplifies system setup. Special corners connect the arches to the main grid. Different configurations are made possible by simply changing the arches. The arched trusses have a keder profile on top for fitting the optional canopy.
The Tunnel Roof is a fixed construction, based on inward-curving trusses that form a complete arch. The Tunnel Roof is available in two sizes: 12 m stage width combined with an arch 6 m height, or a 16 m stage width combined with an arch of 8 m height. The depth of the stage can be varied in 2 or 3 m bay sections. Each 5th section must be stiffened by guy-wires or similar support method. There is no limit to the depth of the stage. Special adapters provide a connection between the stage floor and the truss arches. The Tunnel Roof combines very well with a StageDex stage as well as with an EasyFrame B support frame or Probeam. The arch connections are integrated in the stage floor, making it possible to use the weight of the stage as ballast for the roof. The arched trusses have a keder profile on top for fitting an optional canopy. Due to the arched construction, the Tunnel Roof is both very compact and strong.
A tower-based structure with a sloping roof toward the back of the stage, the Flat Roof is remarkably easy to build. Mainly based on standard trusses, the roof is available in three different sizes to provide a number of building options. The Flat roof can be considered as an entry-level system, which can easily be expanded to a MPT Roof system.
The CLT Roof is a tower-based structure with a curved roof. It is based on the standard MPT Roof, which can easily be transformed into a CLT Roof simply by adding a different set of top units.
The CLT rooftop section is based on arched H30D truss with integrated keder profiles to mount the canopy. These arches are supported by special frames which are mounted on the basic grid trusses.
The MPT Roof is a tower-based structure with a pitched roof, a design which guarantees optimum strength. Primarily configured from standard trusses, the MPT Roof is available in four different sizes. However, the unrivalled flexibility of the system affords nearly 40 calculated building varieties or setup possibilities for your MPT Roof. At ProlyteSystems, we are aware that every season and every event brings different demands, and accordingly we have designed the MPT Roof to accommodate an extraordinary range of applications.
The ST Roof is a tower-based structure with a pitched roof, a design that inherently offers optimum strength. The larger ST Series offers flexible possibilities for creating stage dimensions up to 30 × 20 m. Technical specifications available on request.
The Giant ARC Roof is a tower-based structure that is constructed using 3-to-5 arches. Straight truss sections, interconnected with bottom hinges and topside spreader plates, create the arch needed over the complete span. Two steel wires per span absorb horizontal forces caused by the loading. The arches are connected to either a standard ST or CT tower.
The LT Roof is a tower-based structure with a pitched roof.
Although the roof pitch is designed differently than the MPT or ST Roof Systems, it can be constructed just as easily as all ProlyteSystems. The LT Roof has a standard cantilever of 2 m at the front side. Special tent profiles with integrated keder profile are mounted on top of the truss by means of adjustable supports. The adjustable supports make it possible to build the roof in different configurations. With the addition of an extra section, the stage depth can be extended from 10m to 15m.
Sound-wings grids with an inside width of 4,8 m are optional, built adjacent to the main stage.
The Space Roof is a modular roof system based on a space frame structure. The roof can be suspended from standard Prolyte CT towers. The aluminium profiles combine with special node points to create a roof structure of any desired size or shape. The Space Roof can be built up to 37 x 22 m in size. The specially designed top canopy guarantees efficient water drainage.
Due to the complexity and size of the Space Roof, quotations are made on request only, allowing us to match your requirements with the possibilities this system offers.
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ProlyteSystems offer innovative, solidly engineered solutions for constructing complex structures or roof systems for any event. Whether your event is an intimate social gathering or a massive outdoor concert, your stage design should be robust, stylish, and ready to work in any type of environment; regardless of the size or demands of your application, Prolyte offers what you need. With Prolyte you are asserted of a long-term solution next to a cost-efficient investment. ProlyteSystems offers tower and roof structures in various sizes and shapes. Additionally, custom constructions can be requested. All Prolyte structures are designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest standards in the industry. Setting high standards in stage design, ProlyteSystems are renowned for their easy set-up, short building times, compact transport size and high priority to safety. Where safety for performers and audiences is paramount, ProlyteSystems are a natural choice.